Renegades Men's Shed


 A not for profit group based on Queensland's Macleay Island, focused on helping the community.


The Renegades are just a bunch of regular guys who like to gather together on Tuesday mornings for a few hours.  The role of the Renegades is to improve the self esteem, health and well being of men in our island community, which we gain from coming together in harmony and friendship. In helping ourselves, we help the community in general. We are always welcoming of new members, so just turn up and see how we operate. The 'billy' is the first thing that goes on when the doors are opened, so come and have a look - you may just like us and stick around.  


A project very close to the Renegades' heart, these fine seats were produced over many years.                                                                                          These seats may be viewed on Page 2.


The Curlew Street library

 Sponsored by  Bay Island Early Learning and Care this library was built and installed by the Renegades Men’s Shed. It is located in Curlew Street. The artwork was carried out by children partaking in the after school care program and from the School of the Air and Sea.

The 'Harry Potter" Library

Sponsored by the Macleay Island Progress Association. This library, built and installed by the Renegades Men's Shed, is located at the entrance to the Community Library in Russell Terrace. 

Revamps Street Library

Sponsored by Suzanne Pike this beautiful library may be viewed at the front of her Revamp Studio in Francis Road.  Built and installed by the Renegades Men’s Shed, the artwork is by Suzanne. 

'Ginger Megs" Library

Sponsored by Judy and Ray Pickering, this street library was, again, built and located in Bluewater Crescent, by the men of the Renegades Men's Shed. The decorative artwork is by Judy.

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