Renegades Men's Shed


The focus of the Shed is our ability to provide assistance to other members of the community, especially the elderly and the less fortunate. We enjoy doing this and following, you can see some of the more outstanding works for which we have gained local recognition.

The original renegades, a breakaway group from the Bay Island's Men's Shed, were together for many years working from each others back yards. These men formed the nucleus of what is today the Renegades Men's Shed which became an incorporated Men's Shed in 2018. The Shed enjoys being involved in works around the community and for the community. Indeed, many of the seats on the Macleay Island Heritage Trail are their work.  Incorporation means we can be more active and achieve more within the community by applying for project specific funds through grants without having to rely heavily on sponsors and the generosity of the public.  

We have applied to our local Redland City Council, for a block of Council held land on our island in order to build our own Shed, but have been rejected as not meeting their required criteria. We are, therefore, currently working out of a (very) small garage, loaned to us by a kind member within the community.  Though this decreases our output (and our ability to grow in numbers), it has not dampened our enthusiasm. It is our hope that we will someday be able to move into our own much larger, less cramped, premises. In the meantime, however, if you would like to donate a large shed on a large block of land, we will not say no.


Many of the seats built and installed by the Renegades may be viewed along  the Macleay Island Waterfront and Heritage Trail.  This concept was originally conceived around 2012 as the 'cheeks on seats' initiative. While the first seats were built by local wood carver Ted Upton, the bulk of the seats are by the Renegades. The timber used is locally sourced timber from the island. Other seats by the Renegades independent of the Heritage trail seats are the Bench Seat constructed as seating in front of the 'Donate Life' Mural in the Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Red Seat, to raise awareness of domestic violence, situated the Macleay Island Pharmacy.                                                                                                                                                                                 Further information on these unique seats may be obtained at

Paul Carter Wetland seat